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Amazon Business

Key Contact

Brendan Hynes, Customer Advisor
Phone: +1 (416) 775- 4457 

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Agreement Details

The agreement expires January 2, 2027

For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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About Amazon Business

The Amazon Business offer provides each member with their own centralized eMarketplace designed to simplify institutional procurement processes, improve compliance and increase visibility of spend for non-contracted products, media and other products.

Members will have access to 3 years of free Business Prime, which includes:  

  1. The development of policy rules and implementation guided buying workflow for approved products and categories;  
  2. Optional system integration for C-card programs and ERP punchout solutions;  
  3. Spend visibility through analytics,  reporting and customizable purchase approval workflows. 



Business Prime

Free 36-month trial to Business Prime with one day shipping on eligible items



Access to the Amazon Business Analytics (ABA) and Business Prime Spend Visibility platforms to analyze spending patterns for insights, inform budgeting and policies


Guided Buying

Amazon will work with participating Members to develop policy rules that guide employees to approved products/catalogs and prevent procurement violations


Buy Local

Access to Amazon’s Buy Local capability to identify and prefer local sellers on the Amazon Business marketplace



Supporting eco-friendly practices by providing minimized/ zero waste packaging, highlighting more sustainable product options on the platform, order consolidation, and more


Supplier Analysis

Provide procurement analytics for parity and price comparisons at the product level

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