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International SOS 

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Adam Chan
Business Development Manager
Phone: 647-466-8330

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The agreement is renewed annually

For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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About International SOS Emergency Travel Services

Providing peace of mind for institutions when their staff, faculty and students travel outside the country, the International SOS agreement offers emergency traveler services that includes a range of consulting and support for emergency situations. Members can take advantage of pre-negotiated discounts on multiple International SOS programs. Through comprehensive assistance membership, institutions can fulfill their duty of care responsibilities by proactively managing the medical and security risks associated with overseas travel through International SOS’ three-step approach to prepare travelers before departure, support them while abroad, and provide assistance should they concerns or questions during their trip.



Risk Management

Access to advice and care through a 24/7 assistance centre, offering a network of medical, security, aviation and logistics specialists around the world as part of duty of care obligations


Pre-Travel Advisory Services

Assess risk exposure for travel destinations and get pre-travel advisory briefings and information on a wide range of emerging issues including post COVID-19 requirements


Traveler Support

Responsive emergency assistance including transportation to medical care, security escort, evacuation and after-care to manage the consequences following a crisis. Administrative support for claim submissions to insurance providers


Technology and Communication

Offers Travel Tracker, a simple and powerful tool that tracks travelers geographically for visibility into potential hazards, and broadcasts communications to keep travelers up to date with the latest relevant information


System Integration

Integration with the Direct Travel Agreement or with an existing institutional travel program as required

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