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DHL Express

Agreement Details

The agreement expires on May 31, 2026
For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

Key Contacts

Frank OsaeNational Customer Manager
Tel: (289) 208-4628

General Inquiries (24/7 Customer Support Line)
Tel: 1-855-345-7447

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About DHL Express

With over one hundred thousand service points around the world, DHL Express is a global leader in the international express market, moving over 315 million international express shipments annually. Through the agreement, members can take advantage of discounts on priority and express air and ground shipments. Plus, members have services, including access to MyDHL+, an innovative and powerful shipment creation and management solution providing tracking and monitoring capabilities, report creation, customizable administrative control features, and more.  



Competitive Pricing

Discounts on priority and express air and ground shipments


Dedicated Supports

Training and implementation support for the setup of accounts and guidance on online tools


Advisory Services

Dedicated key account desk representative for timely and efficient customer support


Intuitive Platform

Access to MyDHL+, an intuitive platform designed to help improve the shipping process


Support Delivery Platform

Access to On Demand Delivery, an online platform designed to provide members a smooth delivery experience, providing options on how and when a shipment is to be received

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