IT Professional Services Roster for Infrastructure Services


  • Affinity
  • CDW
  • Compugen
  • Dave Steeves and Associates
  • Microserve
  • Softlanding
  • TEKsystems

Agreement Details

The agreement expires November 30, 2026
For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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Key Contacts

Mike Rae, Higher Ed Lead
Phone: 604-726-5620
Customer Support Line (General queries - 8am-10pm PST)
Phone: 604-765-1473

John Gardner, Account Executive
Phone: 604-999-1301

Brandt Goemans, Account Executive (Region 1 - Vancouver Island/ Coast, Region 4 - Northern BC)
Phone: 236-997-7366
Francis Fong, Client Director, BC Public Sector (Region 2 - Lower Mainland) 
Phone: 604-367-9575
Tricia Ritchie, Account Executive (Region 3 - Central/ Southern Interior) 
Phone: 236-997-7366

Dave Steeves and Associates
David Nudelman, Director, Services and Alliances
Phone: 604-901-0460
Customer Support Line (General queries - 8:30am-5pm PST)
Phone: 604-298-7700 

Key Contacts

Ron VincentAccount Manager (Region 1 - Vancouver Island/ Coast, Region 4 - Northern BC)
Phone: 250-544-8380
Cornelius Temple, BC Sales Manager (Region 2 - Lower Mainland)
Phone: 778-866-2518
Larry Stefanishen, Account Manager (Region 3 - Central/ Southern Interior)
Phone: 780-919-4790
Customer Support Line (General queries - 8:30am-5pm PST)
Phone: 1-800-661-7783

Mike Watson, Account Executive
Phone: 604-697-6761

Geoff Hodson, Account Executive
Tel: 604-412-3534
Mobile: 604-356-4239

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About the IT Professional Services Roster for Infrastructure Services

BCNET has established a pre-qualified roster for IT Professional Services, designed to offer members access to Infrastructure expertise and support the growing demand for professional services 

Members can take advantage of negotiated maximum hourly rates for a variety of resource types, simplified access through minimal administrative effort, and responsive customer service for day-to-day and ongoing support. 


Qualified Professional Services 

A comprehensive range of resource types with experience in cloud adoption services, business intelligence, database administration, system administration, telecommunication infrastructure and more


Flexible Workforce

Access to a flexible workforce to scale up or down based on project demands, allowing you to efficiently manage resource allocation and costs


Administrative Efficiencies

Ability to quickly onboard networking expertise, reducing lead time, lowering administrative efforts and enabling faster project initiation, leading to increased overall efficiency


Core Technologies

Alignment to core technologies including Cisco, HPE Aruba, Dell, Fortinet, and others


Best Practices

Access to the latest industry best practices and emerging trends



A demonstrated track record of successful project delivery across diverse industries, providing members with a reliable and experienced team

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