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Fastenal Canada 

Key Contacts    

Norma Turner, Government Sales Specialist 
Phone: 519-842-7488 

Braedan Palylyk, Account Territory Sales Representative 
Phone: 604-836-2136 

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Agreement Details

The agreement expires on January 30, 2025, with the option to extend it for two additional, one-year terms.

For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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About Fastenal Canada Agreement

The Fastenal Canada agreement offers members a wide range of plumbing, heating, ventilation, HVAC, and general building supplies across their national supply chain network, including private label and sustainable solutions. Each British Columbia branch serves as a one-stop source for a wide array of products to support facilities management and trade academic needs. Working with Fastenal, members can take advantage of a thorough implementation process to ensure a seamless transition to the program, including site visits, facility tours and process mapping, review of program goals, the evaluation, organization, and set-up of local stocking systems and more.  



Competitive Pricing

Access to competitive discounts across the entire catalogue of products


Local Customer Support

Branch locations situated in proximity to B.C.’s primary campus sites for regional account management support, logistics and delivery while accessing Fastenal’s national supply chain


Industry-leading Experts

Specialized sales and customer service teams provide comprehensive assistance, including value-added services such as safety assessments, inventory management, set up of local stocking systems and more


Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Access to sustainable products that meet a variety of standards including LEED certified, carbon reduction label, certified envirodesic and more


Improve Efficiencies

Reporting capabilities to improve visibility of inventory and receive institutional purchasing insights


Risk Management

Demonstrated expertise and assistance in helping institutions prepare for emergencies, including insight on how to best meet members' unique safety and security responsibilities

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