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Owen McNish, Sales Executive
855-734-7687 EXT 503

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Agreement Details  

The agreement expires June 25, 2027

For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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About the Regroup Mass Notification System Agreement

The agreement between Regroup and BCNET establishes a partnership to provide a Mass Notification System tailored to higher education institutions in British Columbia. This system is designed to manage critical communications during emergencies and enhance overall campus safety. The agreement modernizes communication infrastructure within higher education institutions, enhances safety and security, and contributes to operational efficiency and continuity, aligning with BCNET’s mission to support advanced technology services for its members.



Exclusive Member Pricing

BCNET members benefit from special volume discount pricing, making advanced mass notification technology more affordable.


Enhanced Campus Safety

The system helps safeguard students, faculty, and staff by providing timely alerts during emergencies, such as active shooter situations, weather-related closures, and health emergencies.


Operational Continuity

Ensures that educational institutions can maintain operations during critical events through reliable communication channels.


Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Integrates real-time data to identify and assess potential threats, allowing institutions to take proactive measures.


Comprehensive Communication Tools

Includes desktop alerts, mobile apps, and a web-based interface for managing communications and incident responses.


Multilingual Support

Supports multilingual alerts to ensure clear communication across diverse campus populations.


Cost Savings and Efficiency

Offers multi-year discounts and a streamlined purchasing process, reducing administrative overhead and accelerating implementation.

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