Mass Notification System



Key Contact  

Owen McNish, Sales Executive
Tel: 917-746-6787

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Agreement Details  

The agreement expires October 26, 2023

For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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About the Regroup Mass Notification System Agreement

The Mass Notification Agreement with Regroup offers members an easy-to-use mass notification platform that that is utilized by post-secondary institutions across North America for day-to-day and emergency notifications. The innovative, cloud-based platform provides members with the ability to keep students and faculty safe and more informed. Through a single click, members can issue rapid alerts quickly and efficiently to multiple communication channels simultaneously, including mobile phones, digital signage, PA systems, websites, and social media.



Competitive Pricing

Savings on standard base pricing, including multi-year discounts


System Integration

Includes standard database integration, desktop alerts and mobile app integration including unlimited use of Regroup’s mobile apps

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