Scientific Supplies Roster – Life Sciences


We have 5 supplier agreements: 

  • FroggaBio Inc. 
  • New Horizon Scientific Inc. (Westlab) 
  • QIAGEN Inc. 
  • Sigma Aldrich Canada Ltd. (MilliporeSigma)
  • VWR International Co. 

Agreement Details 

The agreement expires on February 28, 2026
For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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Key Contacts  

FroggaBio Inc. 
Chris O’Brien, Operations Manager
Tel: 780-966-0066
Van Phan, Territory Manager
Tel: 1-647-919-5154
Customer Support Line (General queries)
Tel: 1-877-318-7277

New Horizon Scientific Inc. (Westlab) 
Lachlan Boram, BC Account Manager
Tel: 236-558-4004
Gyongyi Vass, Sr. Client Relations
Tel: 604-538-5223
Nathan Price, Client Relations, Principal
Tel: 604-538-5223 x103
Customer Support Line (General queries)
Tel: 604-538-522

Yass Zia, Director - Life Science Sale, Canada
Tel: +1-514-441-2154
Customer Care Team 
Tel: 800-572-9613

Key Contacts  

Sigma Aldrich Canada Ltd. (MilliporeSigma)
Tina Thottingal, Senior Account Development Manager
Tel: 778-990-4086
Matt Dixon, Regional Sales Director
Tel: 647-635-5182
Customer Care Team (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday)
Tel: 1-800-565-1400
Technical Service Team
Tel: 1-800-325-5832

VWR International Co. 
Clare Protheroe, Region Director
Tel: 604-358-9628
Ken Moon, Supervisor – Bids and Quotes
Tel: 800-932-5000 x151907
Customer Service (Mon-Fri 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM EST)
Tel: 800-932-5000

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About Scientific Supplies Roster – Life Sciences 

The scientific supplies roster of pre-qualified, market-leading vendors provide a range of branded, in-house and generic scientific supplies to meet academic and research supplies requirements. Their services offer a marketplace designed to provide faculty and science stores with greater options for purchasing supplies, while saving administrative time and reducing costs. The roster of vendors collect data through supplier reporting capabilities to build on future opportunities and optimize scientific supplies spending, increase standardization for common consumables, and meet institutional health, safety and sustainability reporting requirements.  



Catalogue of Products

Access to pre-qualified and specialized suppliers to meet a broad range of needs, including labs, scientific stores and end users


Value-Added Services

Access a range of services (varying by supplier) to support research and academic program activities including but not limited to consignment services, recycling programs, benchmarking to optimize overall spend, and more. 


Competitive Pricing 

Access branded, private label or generic products at optimized pricing


Advisory Services

Knowledgeable specialists for advice on products, handling, storage, warranties, and training


Reduced Administrative Effort

Reduce acquisition and administrative costs associated with purchasing scientific supplies through a sector agreement and online ordering solutions

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