Security Guard Services


Blackbird Security 

Key Contact 

Aman Singh, CFO & Owner
Phone: 604-999-5508 

Nayomie Spence-Lees, Western Operations Manager
Primary Account Manager
Phone: 604-401-5712 (8 a.m. – 11 p.m. PST)

24/7 Customer Support Line
Phone: 1-888-991-2622

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Agreement Details

The agreement expires June 29, 2025

For other inquiries, contact the Procurement Team

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About Blackbird Security Services

Blackbird Security is Canada’s fastest growing provider of professional security services, operating province wide. This agreement offers highly qualified, licensed, and insured security services that align with institution requirements, including individualized transition plans and the ability to tailor solutions to fit campus needs. Supporting their workforce, Blackbird works to invest in the communities in which they operate through rural recruitment, in-house training, and ongoing development opportunities. Working with Blackbird, members can expect high levels of professionalism, knowledge, and technical expertise for a variety of security opportunities, including static and mobile security guards, emergency response and alarm monitoring services, and special event security services. 



High Quality Standard of Services

Committed to providing above industry standards in training to deal with diverse populations on campuses and de-escalation, conflict resolution, mental health, first aid training, Indigenous Awareness Certification


Certified Security Services

Compliance with recognized training and experience standards for the security guard industry in B.C., Basic Security Training, Occupational First Aid training and Advanced Security Training

Analytics Reporting

Data-driven analytics offers institutional reporting on frequency and category of incidents through the full utilization of TrackTik software


24/7 Monitoring

GPS tracking and geo-fencing features for full transparency of operations via TrackTik customer portals


Service and Support Availability

Dedicated account management team across B.C. and a direct line to local field supervisors for 24/7 guaranteed responsiveness


Extensive Educational Experience

Experience working with a variety of post-secondary institutions and school districts to provide a range of security services, tailored to individual requirements

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