Advanced Automating Administration with Windows Powershell 

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Focus on building more scalable and usable Windows PowerShell scripts for use in your organization. 

Course Description

By taking the Advanced Automating Administration with Windows Powershell course, you will learn how to automate administrative tasks using Windows PowerShell 5.1. You will also how to do several advanced functions such as the following:

  • Create advanced functions
  • Writing controller scripts,
  • Handle script errors
  • Understand how to work with Windows PowerShell Workflow, the REST API along with XML and JSON formatted data files
  • Utilize new administration tools such Desired State Configuration (DSC) and Just Enough Administration (JEA) to configure and secure servers.

Course Benefits

  • Certified instructor-led training
  • In-person or online course delivery
  • Catered lunch, snacks, coffee and light breakfast foods daily

This is a 3 day in-class program in which students can also participate in the course virtually.

TrainLive is an interactive delivery platform for the training. The students will be able to see/hear/speak with the trainer. The training is live, via the web. Students will be able to interact with the other students sitting in the classroom.

Requirements for TrainLive students

Students who take the TrainLive format will receive their login details one week prior to the course via email. This will allow them the opportunity to test their PC with our technician to ensure compatibility. Please make sure to conduct the test from the PC where they will take the training.

  • PC with high-speed internet
  • PC that ideally is hard-wired, as opposed to wireless, to help prevent audio/video drops
  • Ideally taken from home as opposed to work to prevent firewall issues. If training is taken from work, please ensure students can connect prior to the course when they receive their course login credentials.
  • 2 monitors, one for their book, one for the course
  • Headset with microphone

What You Will Learn

  • Create Advanced Functions 
  • Use Cmdlets and Microsoft .NET Framework in Windows PowerShell 
  • Write Controller Scripts 
  • Handle Script Errors 
  • Use XML, JSON, and custom formatted data 
  • Analyze and Debugging Scripts 
  • Understand Windows PowerShell Workflow