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The agreement expires July 31, 2026

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About PebblePad

Access the PebblePad agreement for preferential pricing on a solution designed to better support digital teaching and learning experiences. PebblePad is an online platform helping higher education institutions deliver student-centered learning at scale. Students can use this flexible ePortfolio, structured template and assessment platform to articulate evidence-based learning, skills and competencies required for success during and beyond higher education.

Structured templates facilitate learning, allowing educators to design task-based portfolio templates to support professional learning outcomes and accreditation. Assessment supports traditional grading, rubrics, standardized feedback, peer review, and capability mapping. External work-based supervisors, assessors and accreditation bodies can securely access learners’ work for assessment and feedback in real-time.  The software has powerful integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) which provides greater security though single sign-on (SSO). It can be used in many flexible ways, either self-directed by a user, or to create structured assignments for learners. Work is set and marked via a part of PebblePad called ATLAS (Active Teaching, Learning and Assessment Space).”



Reduce Costs

The agreement offers preferential pricing with additional discounts based on aggregated volume


Enhance the Student Experience

Supports flexible learning for students, across every step of their learning journey, from orientation to graduation


Boost Student Engagement

Helps engage students in the process of their learning helping, at scale, to develop life-long and life-wide learners with a deep connection to the institution


Support Digital Transformation

Provide faculty the tools & resources to easily embed scaffolding into their existing curriculum to support digital transformation


Support Evidence-based Learning

Access a creative suite of tools, allowing students to reflect on and evidence learning in a single secure digital home that they take with them even after graduation


Enable Unified Learning

Provide collaborative teaching and learning across the whole of the learning journey


Flexible Platform

Can be used either self-directed by a user, or to create structured assignments for learners

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