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About Oracle

Access the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service tailored for member institutions that use Banner by Ellucian ERP Services. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the preferred database vendor for BCNET members that use Banner. Oracle boasts an all-inclusive range of infrastructure and platform services that render an optimal public cloud solution for deploying Banner. It aids in pinpointing software requisites and guarantees support for migrations. 

Ellucian users benefit from Oracle's technology and services in several ways. Oracle's flagship product, the Oracle Database, ensures the secure and reliable storage of critical student data. Additionally, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers scalability and flexibility for hosting Ellucian's applications and services. It's advanced analytics tools assist in data-driven decision-making within educational institutions. Integration platforms and middleware solutions simplify the connection of Ellucian's solutions with other systems on campuses. Oracle's security measures and compliance frameworks protect sensitive student information, aligning with regulations such as Family Education & Privacy Rights (FERPA). The scalability and performance of Oracle technologies accommodate institutions of varying sizes. Overall, Oracle's support, innovation, and research further enhance Ellucian's ability to deliver efficient and cutting-edge solutions to the higher education sector.

BCNET further extends support by providing shared licensing for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solution.



Secure Data Storage

Secure and reliable storage for critical student data


Scalable & Flexible Solution

For hosting Ellucian's applications and services


Shared Licensing

BCNET provides support in the form of shared licensing


Advanced Analytics Tools

Assist in data-driven decision-making for educational institutions


Align with Student Privacy Regulations

Oracle's security measures and compliance frameworks protect sensitive student information



Scalability and performance of Oracle's technologies accommodates institutions of varying sizes

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