Strategic Sourcing Tool - Bonfire

BCNET has renewed the Bonfire contract to offer members a 20% discount off their standard rates when purchasing new seats and modules.

Over the past three years, the adoption of Bonfire has grown across the sector for electronic evaluation, contract management and vendor management. Bonfire continues to update the platform and add new features including multi-category abilities, public sector friendly e-auction and vendor notices.

As Bonfire continues to evolve its offerings, BCNET has renewed its letter of agreement with Bonfire to continue offering members its existing rates for new seats and modules for an additional year.

The sector pricing program applies to any new standard seats purchased as well as their suite of modules which includes:

  • Bidtables: Side-by-side analysis of multi-line item bids allowing you to simply run complex analysis on award scenarios;
  • Questionnaires: Structure your tenders with side-by-side responses to specific questions you ask your proponents;
  • Contract Management: Central repository for all your contracts post-award, with the ability to store documents, track changes and set reminders to manage your contracts;
  • Vendor Performance: Track key metrics on vendor performance by collecting timely performance data easily

How to access

Please contact Lindsey Davidson, Client Success Manager
Phone: (519) 804-9538


Rachel Friesen, Customer Success Lead
Phone: (647) 794-0919

BCNET Procurement Team 

Expiry date: DECEMBER 31, 2022

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