The Story of EducationPlannerBC: BC's Common Application System

In 2016, the Ministry of Advanced Education announced the launch of EducationPlannerBC, the common application platform to be used by all public post-secondary institutions. Adopting a phased approach to project delivery, EducationPlannerBC has introduced a number of enhancements to BC’s common application platform. Phase one of the project saw the successful launch of the EducationPlannerBC website, phase two has overseen numerous enhancements to the application services available to post-secondary institutions, while current requirements for the third phase are currently being considered.

Attendees of this session will be provided an overview of the story of EducationPlannerBC: how the project was conceived, the approach used to deliver on the phases of development, and the future direction of the project. Topics covered will include the common application system for BC, the EducationPlannerBC Transcript Exchange, and goals for future technologies such as Federated Identity Management and the cloud.


Mike Winsemann

Director, Information Technology, BC Council on Admissions & Transfer