5 Reasons Why: Commvault Allows You to “Cloud Responsibly”

To realize the full benefits of the Cloud, you need the flexibility to use the cloud solutions of your choice and manage those resources efficiently. Cloud promises agile and elastic infrastructure, storage, and compute that you can spin up or down based on your need, however you must still provide the data portability and agility to match these infrastructure promises to fully realize the full benefits and promises of the cloud. Moving data to multiple cloud locations efficiently with the ability to recover quickly from disaster is also essential. This is what we call your ability to “Cloud Responsibly”. The ability to have a multi-cloud strategy without caveats making the cloud a real extension of your on premises datacenter while ensuring that the data you send and store in the cloud can be used effectively and smartly without added cost or cloud waste.

Please join Clayton Rondeau, Senior Systems Engineer at Commvault, as he covers the big 5 reasons why Commvault enables you to cloud responsibly.


Clayton Rondeau

Senior Systems Engineer, Commvault


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