Today’s students are digital natives with high expectations for how technology allows them to navigate through academic and non-academic offerings. Today post-secondary IT teams are constantly seeking new ways to deepen and extend the rich academic and extracurricular experiences that make their school a special place for students, faculty, and researchers. Today’s learning and research solutions include “flipping the classroom” to transform students from “passive” note takers into “active” participants, with instructors as engaged guides rather than lecturers. Given this reality, IT needs to be highly responsive to its “customers”, by developing, providing and supporting: innovative mobile apps; a growing number of online and hybrid classes; and, innovative technology-augmented teaching and research opportunities.

This session will discuss how post-secondary IT services teams across the globe are “modernizing their data center infrastructure” by embracing the principles and best practices afforded by “Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platforms." Dell EMC is working collaboratively with its higher education customers to simplify IT operations and enable the delivery of agile and timely IT services to keep pace with the expectations of today’s student, faculty and research technology requirements — all with a lower total cost of ownership and streamlined lifecycle management process.


Jeff Smith

CTO Americas, Office of the CTO, Dell Technologies