Agile practices and progressive elaboration of requirements are becoming increasingly popular, especially in software development where the cost of change is low and products can evolve quickly. At UVic, we are excited by these new project management strategies, but still want to maintain the transparency and efficient use of limited resources that up-front planning can provide. There are so many different flavours of project management and methodologies out there, should you aim for a one size fits all approach?

In this session, we will share how we draw inspiration from different methodologies to manage our Agile and Waterfall projects within our University Systems Project Management Methodology. We will discuss communication, client engagement, planning and change management, and team building strategies –– our cornerstones to success. We will also delve into our lessons learned from Agile techniques and how we are continuously improving our project management methodology.


Chandra Beaveridge

Project Management Process Manager, University of Victoria