Agile IT with Microservices – Design Principles & Patterns

It has been awhile since major research analysts, such as Gartner, advocated for enterprise organizations to migrate away from silo-based solutions. In its place, these research analysts recommended the development of a set of reusable assets, known as services, with standard application programming interfaces (APIs), and managed compositions through one or more orchestration technologies.

This talk will focus on how to utilize Microservice architecture, as building blocks, and propose a set of design principles and patterns that demonstrate how the approach (above) can offer enhanced business agility. The presenter will also discuss how this approach is dependent on achieving technical and non-technical organizational maturity.

The presenter will define agile IT and how it can enhance business agility in support of a formal business architecture. He will look at ways to maximize success in achieving business agility and the key areas of focus to consider in adopting the Microservices architecture. Finally, considering opportunities and risks associated with the use of cloud platforms, he will discuss a pragmatic approach on ways to maximize adoption, while reducing IT burden.


Sam Rostam

Instructor, Information Technology, University of British Columbia