Ask Me Anything - Information Security

Information security is an exciting and dynamic area that is rapidly changing. Daily new attacks, vulnerabilities and exploits are being discovered by security researchers and bad actors alike. The world of information security is a high pressure, challenging environment where you have to stay on top of a multitude of issues in order to provide reasonable protection for your organization. In this dynamic, interactive session, you will have opportunities to share your strategies, struggles, and solutions, while asking questions and learning from the experiences of the panel of experts and the experiences of others.

Note: There will be no slides provided for this session.


Dave Kubert

IT Security Officer, University of Northern British Columbia

Andy Scott

Manager, Infrastructure and IT Security, Douglas College

Eric Van Wiltenburg

Manager, Information Security, University of Victoria

Dubravko Pajalic

Leader, Research Information Systems, BC Cancer Agency, Cancer Research Agency

Larry Carson

Associate Director, Information Security Management, University of British Columbia