Future client experience and the expedient delivery of IT infrastructure and services rely more and more on automation as the cornerstone for consistency, agility, and institutional productivity. Over the years, we have virtualized servers, networks, and any number of business processes. However, most institutions have not been able to break existing departmental silos and their agility is limited by the complexities of their departments, teams and business units. At SFU, we have replaced the infinite chain of e-mails, and bureaucracy with automation, orchestration and cloud technologies implemented in our state-of-the-art Software Defined Data Centre. Automation has empowered our teams to reduce the turnaround time for the delivery of virtual servers, ensure consistency, eliminate opportunity for human error, and provide a better experience for our clients.

This presentation aims to discuss the technologies leveraged in the implementation of SFU cloud services.


Jean Soares

Senior Systems Engineer, Simon Fraser University