It has been an interesting year of development and growth for BCNET. Over the past year, we continuously engaged with our member community to improve service quality, drive down costs and maximize efficiencies for the public, post-secondary sector in B.C. Last year, we facilitated collaboration through our committees and working group with IT management and staff from 25 institutions. In 2013 to 2015, we helped boost buying power in purchasing hardware, software, storage equipment, desktop/laptop, enterprise system services, network and IT services and reported $36 million in aggregated savings for the sector.

In this session, you will hear from our service managers in the areas of procurements, IT services, network services and enterprise systems services. You will learn about our unique collaborative process, our service offerings, new service developments, the savings and adoption rate by the sector.


Dean Crawford

Manager of Shared Systems and Technology, BCNET

Marilyn Hay

Manager of Network Engineering, BCNET

Keir Novik

Information Security Officer & Manager of Information Technology, Simon Fraser University