Compute Canada, Cybera, and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) are collaborating to make Jupyter notebooks available for research, education, and innovation across Canada. Jupyter notebooks provide the ability to share documents containing live code that can be annotated with fully marked up explanatory text, visualizations, and mathematical equations and delivered as a web application accessible through any modern web browser. Jupyter notebooks provide an accessible and easy to use tool for creating literate code in over 50 supported programming languages. This presents an opportunity to revolutionize the delivery of student assignments, textbooks, as well as sharing and reproducing scientific results.

Over the last year, notebooks have been made available via JupyterHubs on campuses at UBC, SFU, UCalgary, and Cybera’s Rapid Access Cloud, and there have been hundreds of pilot users ranging from K-12 to post-graduate level research. The goal of the collaboration is to expand free access to this service as well as other scientific and data science platforms available to all students across Canada in order to provide access to modern programming and data analytics tools at the click of button.

This panel presentation will discuss the potential impact of Jupyter notebooks and the vision for how access will be expanded across Canada, and will seek input from the audience for pilot projects as well as opportunities for collaborations.


Robin Winsor

President & CEO, Cybera

Dugan O'Neil

Chief Science Officer, Compute Canada

Michael Lamoureux

Innovation Coordinator, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

Ian Allison

Systems and Network Manager, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences