Cybera and the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences are participating in the new national CanCode program, to develop coding and digital skills from kindergarten to grade 12. 

With the launch of the Callysto project, we are creating tools and frameworks that help teachers bring computational thinking into their math, science, social sciences, and humanities courses - giving students the analytical skills needed to comprehend the digital world. Leveraging the Jupyter 'All-in-One' Science Platform to put friendly yet powerful compute tools in classroom settings, we are creating showcase modules and workshop training for K-12 teachers to incorporate data and computing into the broad curriculum. 

At this presentation, you will learn about how Callysto will: 

  • Bring computational thinking to classrooms through K-12 teacher training 
  • Create opportunities to participate in free workshop training sessions and content creation 
  • Help K-12 teachers gain public recognition for participating in this educational training project

Note: This presentation is related to our 2017 BCNET presentation on "Bringing The Thunder: Deploying Jupyter Notebooks For Research, Education, And Innovation."


David Hay

Teacher and Educational Consultant, Elk Island Public Schools


Meagan Hampel

Director, Communications, Cybera


Michael Lamoureux

Professor, and PIMS Innovation Coordinator, University of Calgary