For many years, higher education teaching has remained the same ––an instructor talking at the front of the room as students take notes. Changes in pedagogy and technology are driving instructors to rethink the way courses are delivered. We see faculty searching for ways to engage students in the learning environment while consumer electronics are making it easier for students to collaborate and share ideas. Implementing these technologies in an enterprise environment has become a challenge from a support perspective. Good campus-wide guidelines that enable innovation while still ensuring evidence-based best practices provide a consistent instructor experience for learning spaces across campus.

This panel will share 3 guidelines presently used at UBC: UBC Learning Space Design Guidelines, UBC Technical Guidelines, and UBC FoM Collaboration Technology Graphical User Interface Standards Document. We invite participants to share their experiences in standardization and innovation.


Izaak Housden

AV Designer, UBC Med IT


Jesse Steiger

AV Designer, University of British Columbia


Jodi Scott

Senior Learning Space Planner, UBC Facilities Planning