It often takes a compelling event to drive change and we’ve all experienced dramatic change because of recent compelling events. As the world gets back to normal, some organizations are returning to their old status quo and unwinding the changes they made. If Canada is to keep up and grow its prosperity, it must continue to innovate and continue its digital transformation. John Weigelt, National Technology Officer for Microsoft Canada helps organizations across Canada innovate while avoiding the unintended consequences. Join John as he describes the current Canadian landscape, discusses the business and technology changes driving transformation and explores how organizations can seize the opportunities associated with digital transformation.

Keynote Speaker

John Weigelt

Strategist, Futurist, Visionary | Microsoft Canada

John Weigelt leads Microsoft Canada’s strategic policy and technology efforts. He helps individuals and organizations across Canada innovate with technology while avoiding the unintended consequences that might arise. John leads Canadian outreach for a variety of technology policies including: Economic Development, Privacy, Security, Accessibility, AI ethics and Interoperability. He also leads Microsoft Canada’s Responsible AI program and was one of the authors of Canada’s National Standard on Ethics in the Design and Use of Automated Decision Systems.