Many rural and remote areas in Northern Canada lack the high-speed broadband connectivity enjoyed by urban centres. There is an opportunity to support the region’s economic development by providing access to the connectivity and resources required to address some of its unique challenges. This means rising to the challenge of creating ultra-high-speed broadband connections in an area with limited infrastructure. High-speed broadband is essential for growth in Northern Canadian research and education institutions . Despite the Canadian Radio and Television Commission’s access and speed targets as well as associated federal funding in 2016, there is work to be done in connecting the North, especially in rural/remote areas.

This panel will examine the challenges of and solutions for extending and enhancing ultra-high-speed network connectivity to the rural and northern areas of Canada.


Barb Carra

Chief Operating Officer, Cybera


David Smith

Chief Technology Officer, ORION


Katie Tuck

Director, IT & Chief Information Officer, Yukon College