Being able to easily access digital resources goes well beyond just having the correct credentials. More than ever, it’s about users having their data and permissions in the right place and used in the right way to optimize collaboration opportunities. As a custodian of your institution’s data, being able to marshal access across an ever-growing portfolio of services easily and efficiently is critical. CANARIE and the Canadian Access Federation (CAF) participant community have been working together to unlock the value of services by easing the attribute release challenge. This will allow institutions to meet their users’ needs for access to these services and to Canada's Digital Infrastructure.

Workshop attendees will learn about consent and the challenge of attribute release, understand why it's crucial to collaboration using our shared digital infrastructure, and explore technology options for deployment. In the interactive portion of this workshop, new features of the Shibboleth version 3 Identity Provider will be demonstrated, such as consent enablement, easier UI customization practices, and improved installation and upgrading for the latest version of the Shibboleth Identity Provider. New installations of the V3 software will also be discussed. A special focus will be on three key areas: improvements for easier attribute release, leveraging consent in the Identity Provider to allow an institution to apply user consent to their services out-of-the-box, and a walkthrough of an upgrade/installation plan that attendees can take home and customize for their environment.


Chris Phillips

Technical Architect/Canadian Access Federation, CANARIE