It is no surprise that COVID-19 has changed the way we do business and interact for the time being, but these impacts might potentially last forever. As individuals we are customers, constituents, students and patients of this new world and our interactions with businesses, local government, schools and our healthcare providers may never be the same. This is not a result of the pandemic, but rather because there are some benefits to our new experiences with delivery models of goods, services, education and healthcare.  Digitization has enabled many of these new experiences, which often means faster service, on-demand service, as well as flexible product and service delivery options that are tailored to suit our personal and individual needs. After the initial struggles of mobilizing a traditionally largely office-based workforce, many organizations are still scrambling to figure out what the new normal means for their business and service delivery models. What’s most interesting to cybersecurity professionals, are the new challenges with respect to protecting and securing electronic data outside of a traditional office environment in this highly digital new world.

In this session, Kimberley will share some of the trends she is seeing, the challenges cybersecurity leaders are facing, the different approaches they are taking, some advice for dealing with the new normal, and a few things to think about regarding the growing cybersecurity talent shortage and prioritizing diversity.


Kimberly St. Pierre
Experienced IT/Cybersecurity Professional​

Kimberley St. Pierre has worked in IT & Business Development for over 20 years.  She has worked for Canadian technology giants TELUS and Bell, and also has experience working for the world’s largest cybersecurity vendors.  Kimberley has a strong desire to build and maintain trusted long term business relationships.  She is making meaningful contributions to her customers and business partners by showing them how to effectively leverage technology to accomplish their strategic goals.  She has specialized in cybersecurity for the last four years and has become completely addicted to the field as global cyber risks continue to rise as does the talent shortage.

Her desire to give back to her community has led to a number of board director roles for NFP organizations over 15 years, including her recent past role as Vice President of ISACA Vancouver, current role as global SheLeadsTech ambassador, and she is also a member of the Government of B.C.’s Provincial Security Advisory Council.  Kimberley is very passionate about mentoring, connecting, and inspiring people. Outside of her professional life, she is an avid equestrian and an amateur competitive show jumper.

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