From Denial to Integration: The Five Stages of Cloud Application Adoption at UVic

Business stakeholders often see cloud applications as an easy means to achieve their goals without IT services getting in their way. In reality, cloud application projects DO need IT services, but just in different ways. The challenge is learning how to adapt project processes, navigate procurement and contract negotiations with cloud vendors, manage data in the cloud, and re-calibrate your IT services team to avoid some common pitfalls of these projects. 

Join us for an informative and lively session that will talk about these topics and share UVic's journey to the cloud in five stages. Find out how we overcame obstacles and challenges, learn from our experience, and discover more about our future vision as we define what successful cloud strategy and cloud adoption means for UVic.


Ivan Petrovic

Development Services Manager, University of Victoria


Wency Lum

Chief Information Officer, University of Victoria