Capilano University's IT Infrastructure and Facilities departments, in collaboration with Sensible Building Science, implemented a pilot project to transform existing real-time wireless location data to help automate building heating and cooling system controls (HVAC). The purpose of the project is to find solutions for attaining increased energy efficiency across campus. This is one of the innovative projects, with which Capilano is leading the way for sustainability with interdepartmental collaboration.

Building occupancy is estimated by leveraging existing wireless meta-data through the implementation of Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) location services. Specialised software from Sensible Building Science is incorporated to integrate real-time occupancy data from Cisco CMX into building management systems.

Participants to the session will learn how existing wireless data can be used to transform current technology and practices and how inter-departmental collaboration can accelerate novel technical solutions to advance application of digital innovation across educational institutes.

Note: There will be no slides provided for this session


Darin Feist

Network Analyst, Capilano University

David Speers

Building Management Systems Technician, Capilano University

Stefan Storey

Director, Sensible Building Science