In 2015 Capilano University embarked on a program to provide e-portfolios for the Liberal Studies Bachelor of Arts program. In the 2016/17 school year the program expanded to include an English 100 pilot involving five instructors and 300 students. The initiative now hosts almost 600 sites. Going forward Capilano University has plans to expand the program to many more departments, and a multitude more students, but how do we get there?

This talk will incorporate the insights and perspectives of three speakers. First, the pedagogical aspects of implementing an e-portfolio program and incorporating it into your classrooms and teaching. Second, how can universities and colleges work together and share knowledge about implementing and using e-portfolios, for by working together we can gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and build a wider community of support. Finally, the technological aspects of implementing a Wordpress multisite installation to serve up potentially thousands of sites, including single-sign on, and self-service provisioning of new sites.

Speaking will be Aurelea Mahood, coordinator of the Liberal Studies program at Capilano University, Clint Lalonde, Manager of Educational Technologies at BCcampus, and Scott Robarts, Web Server Administrator at Capilano University.


Aurelea Mahood

Coordinator of the Liberal Studies Program, Capilano University

Clint Lalonde

Manager of Educational Technologies, BCcampus

Scott Robarts

Web Server Administrator, Capilano University