As the world continues to adapt to the ongoing pandemic, educational institutions have had to shift their teaching methods from traditional in-person classroom instruction to hybrid learning models that combine online and offline activities. In hybrid learning, software delivery can be a critical component of ensuring that students have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed.

This presentation will delve into BCIT’s software delivery strategy for hybrid learning environments. We will discuss the benefits and challenges of our delivery methods, and also cover our best practices to ensure that students can access and use the software without disruption.

The presentation will be useful for educators, administrators, and IT professionals who are involved in delivering software to students in a hybrid learning environment. Participants will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with software delivery and learn practical tips for implementing effective delivery strategies.


Ed Grof
Manager, Client Experience | British Columbia Institute of Technology

Ed Grof is the Manager, Client Experience, IT Services at British Columbia Institute of Technology at British Columbia Institute of Technology. Ed has 23 years of Higher Education IT experience working for BCIT and currently serving as the manager for the Client Experience Team within IT Services.

Tony Koo
Systems Analyst | British Columbia Institute of Technology

Tony has managed technology projects in a variety of industries from food to hospitality and now higher education. At BCIT, Tony manages the technical roadmap for the AppsAnywhere platform.