We are on a mission to tackle one of the most significant social challenges of our generation, feeding the world, while improving the quality and safety of our food by leveraging technology innovation and human compassion. With the global food supply crisis intensifying, we feel compelled to do our part to build healthier, safer communities and make a sustainable difference. Our goal is to help companies drive efficiency and profitability within their business AND improve the continuity of supply, increase levels of brand trust and create better food outcomes. It starts with providing a better exchange of information across the full value chain, by linking systems together in new ways, which will drive trust, growth and efficiency. When we started TELUS Agriculture we needed to learn how technology was applied to the farm. We decided to partner with Olds College, Alberta. At the time Olds College was establishing their Smart Farm and there was an opportunity for us to collaborate. It has been beneficial for both parties as research techniques have been applied to understanding: Rural connectivity: extensions and 5G Variable rate technology Farm management platforms Farm Security Animal health tags Bin monitoring Weather Solutions The partnership has provided hands on learning opportunities for Olds College students, given TELUS and opportunity to observe technology in a real Ag environment and create collaborative opportunities to solve rural issues.


Neil Van Seters
VP, Global Product, Agribusiness | TELUS Agriculture

Neil Van Seters is VP of Global Product, Agribusiness with TELUS Agriculture. He is responsible for the cross-value chain products that support everyone from seed producers to food retailers. He is a visionary leader that has helped chart the future of the TELUS organization by creating value in ways that challenge the status quo, helping TELUS remain at the forefront of innovation through technology. Along with his wife he co-founded and runs an organization called Access Knowledge Africa that provides adult literacy, computer training and library programs in rural Uganda.

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