Women in cybersecurity face unique challenges due to a lack of diversity and inclusion in the industry. The existing ecosystem, being predominately male is structured to support and elevate men while women struggle for a right to be heard, respected and considered for promotions. Results are well documented across industries as numerous research studies show women are underrepresented, underpaid and overlooked. Especially when it comes to leadership positions or positions of power. Women report they have to work twice as hard to get half the recognition as their male counterparts while dealing with discrimination, misogyny, and harassment.

The format will be structured starting with a brief introduction, followed by a Q & A session. The session will end as each participant give their opinion of what they’d like to see change to empower women. The panel will be made up of 5 to 7 women. A survey will be distributed prior to the event for members of the audience to complete.


Davia Brown

Founder of Rehf ID, Women CyberSecurity Society


Lisa Kearny

Founder & CEO, Women CyberSecurity Society (WCSS)


Nada Salem

Data Scientist, Microsoft


Rossilyne Tan

Systems Analyst, BCNET


Venetia Verdicchio

Senior Security Manager, Rival Technologies

​​​​​​The ​

Violaine Langlet

Data Protection & Privacy Analyst, Ritchie Bros.