Envisioning and Delivering Digital Research Infrastructure for Humanities and Social Sciences

This paper will examine how digital research infrastructure (DRI) can be delivered in order to better support scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The paper will begin with a brief look at DRI, or cyberinfrastructure, in the HSS disciplines over the past few decades then survey briefly the approaches to large digital research infrastructure in other countries. The purpose will be to explore what DRI looks like within the Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines. The second part of the paper will discuss different models for delivering DRI to Humanities and Social Sciences scholars at different scales. I will examine a number of case studies at the international, national, and institutional level including examples in Canada, the United States, and in the United Kingdom. Within these case studies I will look specifically around issues of governance and organization, as well as issues around research data management particular to HSS disciplines.


Megan Meredith-Lobay

Research Specialist, Advanced Research Computing, University of British Columbia