eProcurement can encompass a range of processes in the landscape of spend management, and has been deployed with technology in a similar fashion across Higher Education and the Public Sector. Each implementation of this technology has been positioned to provide ease of use, adherence to policy, eliminate fraud and provide customers with swift access to goods and service.

On top of providing that value today, being in an age of innovation, these systems need to be flexible to adapt to change in law, policy and process. With many technologies built on rigid structures and requiring IT support for change, being able to accomplish this isn’t easy. In this session we will discuss trends seen in the procurement market today, how they are being solved with technology, and where we see the realm of procurement technology going in the future.

We will also be discussing how technology needs to be flexible enough to adapt to change, as well as support partnership among all Universities and public organizations in a time of growing collaboration and budget cuts. We hope you can join us in this discussion about future procurement trends and how technology must support it.

Technology trends covered in this session include:

  • Where the Source to Pay technology market is today and where it is headed
  • How technology needs to supporting these trends and direction
  • Technologies ability to support collaboration among like universities of all sizes
  • eProcurement Cloud Technology relative to Information Security

Note: There will be no slides provided for this session.



Chief Technology Officer, Jaggaer