You have found a secret room! You gain 26xp. 

You enter a stone-walled room lit by torches. A tapestry depicts workers weaving the very tapestry in which they appear. Exits: east, south. 

Linden and Gwyrian are here. 

>say Hi 

You say “Hi” 

Gwyrian says “Wanna explore?” 

Linden attacks you with their sword! 

You are dead! 

Other people: sometimes difficult to work with, impossible to predict. How can you get the right people involved in your technical project, keep them engaged, and prevent delays? Why do some people thrive despite poor documentation and how can you encourage them to document everything anyway? 

In this talk, I’ll explore strategies drawn from “Player Type Theory”. For 20 years, this theory has been employed by game designers to encourage stable long-term communities in online multiplayer games. I have used these strategies successfully in my workplace and they can work for you too.


Kenzie Woodbridge

Intermediate Systems Analyst, Web Content Community Coordinator, Knowledge Base Administrator, British Columbia Institute of Technology