Are you a tech-savvy or curious course author or developer looking to enhance your LMS-based courses or leverage a more open and flexible content workflow than what your LMS provides? Faced with this challenge, SFU instructor Paul Hibbitts developed an open source project using the file-based Grav CMS ( to partner with Canvas site for his 3rd-year elective course on user interface design with 100 students ( This combination proved critical in his pivot to successfully delivering this course fully online with the arrival of COVID-19, where the combination of Canvas and Grav also helped him incorporate specific features that supported student well-being as well as learning.

In this session Paul will show how integrating the Grav Open Course Hub with the Canvas LMS improves the experience for course authors and students. Technical highlights will include using the Open Course Hub inside or outside of other systems, the widely adopted standard of Markdown for content formatting, a git-based version controlled workflow using a desktop editor and the GitHub Desktop app, and the new Grav Premium NextGen Editor. While the Canvas LMS will be shown in this session, it is also possible to use embedded Grav Open Course Hub content with Moodle, Microsoft Teams, etc.


Paul Hibbitts
Sessional Instructor, School of Computing Science | Simon Fraser University

Paul is an educator, interaction designer and open-source author. Combining his professional user experience design skill set with his extensive instructional background, he is building open source projects to help fellow tech-savvy educators involved in open education and publishing leverage the modern file-based Grav CMS.

Session Recording