My career path looks like a plate of spaghetti with twists and turns. I started in traditional IT, moved to faculty for two decades, did a little HR to finally transitioned to IT Leader. On this path I have been asked what is my leadership style? I bring a unique perspective that helps bridge the gap between academic side of the university and administrative side and with my superpower to help people realize their own unique abilities, I confidently say I am a Servant Leader. Learn what Servant Leadership is and how has it helped my team!


Karyn Mart, M.ED., I.S.P.
Manager, Student & Academic Systems | Capilano University

I am a positive, self-motivated person! Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a superhero and through my adventures I have discovered that my superpower is helping people realize their own unique abilities. I believe everyone can learn, in their own time. I also believe failure is part of the path to success and openly talk about the courses I failed in my first attempt at university and mistakes I have been accountable for in my career.