Technology is transforming all types of organizations. Businesses demonstrate how digital transformation has allowed them to be more effective and push the boundaries of possibilities. The case for digital disruption is arguably the most important question faced by higher education today. With the increased availability of technology, students and faculty expectations and demands are increasing (Marzilli et. al, 2014). It is now necessary, for faculty members to understand the responsibilities required under the law for data privacy and security. This presentation will outline a research study examining what technology faculty is currently using, how they are using it and focus on faculty members understandings of privacy and data security in a University in Canada.

Our presentation will include an overview of applicable literature, an introduction to the context at TRU, overview of our methodology, indicate our findings and discuss recommendations made to stakeholders.


Krista Lussier

Principal Lecturer, Thompson Rivers University


Tara Lyster

Lecturer, Thompson Rivers University