Based in Shanghai, UBC Sauder’s International MBA program was the first program significantly impacted by Covid-19 on UBC’s campus when our partner school where classes are held – Shanghai Jiao Tong University – closed its doors in February 2020. Being first to pivot to online teaching allowed our Learning Services team to work closely with program staff and instructors to develop an innovative response that would satisfy the needs of our students in Shanghai.

In this presentation, we cover our overall approach to the problem that we faced, our innovative use of studios where instructors deliver their live classes and record videos using innovative technologies (lightboard and green screen studio) with support of onsite studio staff. All of instructor’s required materials are captured (via doc cams, laptops, iPads, etc.) and routed through USB video capture devices into our studio computer where everything is compiled into a live broadcasting software (Wirecast). This practice permitted our faculty to present their materials effectively without having to worry about what the students can see through seamless transitioning between the various content sources and visuals on the fly. This practice also contributed to making a positive learning environment. Our support model collaboratively responded to and mitigated the emergency, and enhanced teaching and learning. We will share some of the key challenges, some solutions implemented and the lessons learned.


Sunah Cho
Faculty Liaison | UBC CTLT

Sunah Cho is a faculty liaison for the Sauder School of Business in the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology at UBC. She also teaches as a sessional lecturer for the Master of Educational Technology program in the Faculty of Education. Sunah is a skilled and experienced educational consultant, learning designer, and project manager who engages faculty to collaboratively design and integrate technology into instructional courses, curricula, and programs, aiming at enhancing teaching and learning. Sunah has special interests in enriching and advancing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Jamie Stockdale  
Production Manager, Academic Media Support | UBC Sauder

Jamie Stockdale is the Production Manager, Academic Media Support, for the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. He is variously involved in direct support of faculty where teaching and learning interface with technology. He is responsible for ensuring that technology aids, but is not the focus of, the classroom environment for the school’s undergrad, graduate, and professional programs. He is heavily involved in media production for the flipped classroom, and also for live event recordings and broadcasts. He has been involved in video creation for curriculum redesign projects for programs both on UBC campus and offsite, including a 6-course MOOC in EdX with 300 unique media objects and 500,000 total participants. More recently, during the COVID pandemic, Jamie has been instrumental in setting up and managing Sauder's 6 broadcast studios, which have been used to deliver online classes to students of the business school. In his spare time, Jamie plays football (with his feet), and races dragon boats competitively in the waters of Vancouver’s False Creek.

Fareed Teja
Associate Director, Learning Design | UBC Sauder

Fareed Teja is the Associate Director of Learning Design at the UBC Sauder School of Business. His role includes supporting faculty in designing engaging learning experiences and leveraging technology to build and support them. Since the pandemic, Fareed has been a leader in UBC Sauder’s Online Teaching Task Force, a group tasked with ensuring high quality online teaching once the world shifted to remote work.

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