Usually, research data repositories, both general and discipline-focused, feature text-based searching. However, there is increasing demand for geographic components in research, examples of which include migration paths, the distribution of agricultural yields, infrared satellite imagery, the distribution of artifacts in an archaeological site, and the flow routes of water. The goal of the Geodisy project is to create an extensible, open-source software method to search and discover Canadian geospatial research data using an interface specifically designed for maps, enabling users to discover geospatial resources in a more spatially-intuitive way. This project is funded by CANARIE and is expected to be delivered in 2020. In this session, we will share the software architecture designs and our progress so far towards normalizing various metadata models and standards into clean and discoverable geospatial metadata.


Eugene Barsky

Research Data Librarian, University of British Columbia

Evan Thornberry

GIS Librarian, University of British Columbia

Mark Goodwin

Metadata Coordinator, University of British Columbia

Paul Dante

Programmer Analyst, University of British Columbia

Tang Lee

Project Manager, University of British Columbia