In the ever-evolving, high-stakes world of cybersecurity in higher education, how do IT teams and their leaders secure the unique and disparate elements – teaching and learning, research, and administration – of their organizations? CANARIE’s President and CEO knows it’s possible, but only if we Come Together to focus on the opportunities and benefits of partnerships. Canada’s federal government relies on multiple departments and agencies to secure the country, so it follows that our research and education sector can benefit from a similar approach. And the partners engaged in cybersecurity for higher education – CANARIE, BCNET and regional NREN Partners, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, CanSSOC, and others - offer significant opportunities to strengthen capabilities at each organization, in every region, and across the country. But these partnerships - and the opportunities to strengthen cybersecurity available through them - require actionable data.

The Canadian NREN has come together to ensure that all NREN-connected organizations have the data they need to strengthen cybersecurity posture locally and sector-wide. Through the upcoming Information Security Assessment, funded through CANARIE’s Cybersecurity Initiatives Program, the sector will have a strategic opportunity to assess its cybersecurity capabilities and identify key priority areas for development. And as gaps are filled, sector-wide cybersecurity capabilities evolve, and partnerships strengthen, we can extend these partnerships to explore strategies for talent development and the commercialization of Canadian cybersecurity research. Jim will explore these opportunities and encourage organizational leaders to reject the impulse to Get Back to the way it was done before, and come together to develop a more secure Canada.


Jim Ghadbane
President and CEO | CANARIE

Jim Ghadbane was appointed President and CEO of CANARIE in 2013, after joining the organization as Chief Technology Officer in 2010. Jim’s leadership, technical expertise and focus on stakeholder needs support an increased impact and relevance of CANARIE programs and services in Canada’s public and private sectors.

Nationally, Jim works to strengthen the governance, collaborative operation, and evolution of Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). Internationally, Jim works with global colleagues on the NREN CEO Forum to guide the evolution of the global network of research and education network.

Prior to joining CANARIE, Jim held a variety of executive positions at leading ICT companies, including Bridgewater Systems (now part of Amdocs), Ceyba Corporation, Alcatel Corporation, and Newbridge Networks. Jim is a devoted mentor to many colleagues and an avid golfer.

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