BCNET offers a service catalogue of technology and solutions enabling world-class research and education anywhere in BC. We are able to do what we do because of our public, post-secondary members who are willing to cooperate and work together to evolve and grow shared service solutions.  Testimony to our growth is the total spend from all BCNET services is $68M (2018) and $200M (2014-2018). In this session, you will hear from BCNET’s service managers, who will share future services developments in enterprise resource planning, cybersecurity, networking, shared systems & technology, procurements and professional development and training.


Clarence Lee

Director, Client Services, BCNET


Dean Crawford

Director, Shared Systems and Technology, BCNET


Dennis Silva

Chief Procurement Officer, BCNET


Garry Sagert

Enterprise Resource Planning Project Lead, BCNET


Ivor Mackay

Manager, Information Technology, BCNET


Marilyn Hay

Network Services Manager, BCNET