AI is now embedded in everything from Office 365, firewalls and next-generation student systems. From Jill Watson to the Deacon Genie, AI will impact teaching and learning and support roles at Colleges and Universities. While AI won’t automate every job, ALL jobs will change because of this new technology. Are CIO’s ready to guide their organizations through the significant changes AI and Machine Learning will bring? What approaches are they taking now to leverage this new technology? Who will be managing this change initiative? While AI tools and technologies are in the early stages, this is expected to change over the next few years. What are CIO’s doing to prepare their technical teams? What AI pilots are underway on campus? What processes will be the first to be automated? What are some of the ethical implications of AI that will require strategies?


Brian Mackay

Associate Vice-President, Technology and Chief Information Officer, Douglas College

Grainne McElroy

Deputy CIO, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Kristin Wilkes

Chief Information Officer, Capilano University

Mark Roman

Chief Information Officer, Simon Fraser University

Wency Lum

Chief Information Officer, University of Victoria