What does it take to provide really bad IT support and infrastructure to educators at your institution? How can you ensure that everything you have worked hard for fails and you end up with angry stakeholders and crummy systems everyone hates?

In this session, participants will actively engage in dissecting what it would take to provide really bad IT service at an institution. Facilitators will host an unconventional, interactive format that will have participants talking, brainstorming, and supporting each other as they discussion the challenges of providing IT infrastructure and support at an institutional level. 

Participants will have the opportunity to take these lessons learned from outlining how to do things in the worst ways and then work in groups to flip the conversation to creating processes to work towards a successful model. This session is an opportunity for participants to critically reflect on their processes.

Note: There will be no slides provided for this session.


Clint Lalonde

Manager of Educational Technology and Development, BCcampus


Lucas Wright

Advisor of Open Education, BCcampus


Mary Burgess

Executive Director, BCcampus


Tracy kelly

Senior Manager of Learning and Teaching, BCcampus