Digital transformation is the total and overall social effect of technology-induced process change leveraging the conversion of analog information into digital forms. For higher education, improving how your institution accesses and secures information, reducing costs and complexity to printing, and streamlining business processes are some of the initial steps towards transforming your organization. In this practical and informative workshop, learn more about how you can develop a culture of digital transformation that enables improved student and staff engagements, reduces process cycle times by automating repetitive processes and allows digitized information to be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

This session will cover:

  • Digital Transformation as Motivators for Change and Adoption
  • Gaps in Current Technologies and Workflows, and How to Better Optimize Investments Already Made
  • Success Stories in Higher Education
  • Complexity of the Evolving Higher Education environment
  • Readiness Assessment for Digital Transformation Join us to explore how you can transform and drive better student, faculty and staff experiences at your institution.