Improving Experiential Learning Through Video Solutions

Can experiential learning help your faculty achieve more in their clinical labs? Experiential learning is defined not only as learning through hands-on experience but also through reflection.

Clinical observation is a key pillar of educational and skills development programs. A few BCNET campuses have designed and implemented clinical observation labs for areas of study such as medicine, nursing, and law. IVS is implementing a better solution for the manipulation and use of those clinical recording sessions to achieve the best teaching results. Video recordings through IVS can be used by faculty to remotely monitor live sessions to provide valuable feedback to students and in return students can reflect and self-learn from the experience.

Students learn at a faster rate as instructors are able to provide better coaching and analysis of the work and are able to view “best use” examples from the video library they control. Student progress is validated and documented via the video library, which allows staff members to share progress and gain insight from other staff quickly and easily. The IVS solution incorporates the latest technologies in video observation and capture, allowing for the best results. Students who are seeking programs with access to the best technology will recognize the difference.

In this session, we will share:

  • Different types of applications that are currently in wide use and explore new applications being introduced in higher education
  • Why IT/AV needs to be leading discussions for in room technology
  • Challenges and requirements from a technology and end-user perspective


Kevin Marti

Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Video Solutions