UBC is leading the way in supporting researchers using Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI). Come and learn about the UBC ARC team, an institutionally dedicated service to support researchers across all disciplines getting access to computational infrastructure, managing local compute systems, and complying with evolving standards on research data management. This session explores where UBC ARC comes from, who we are, how we work with UBC units and other organizations to help researchers access the computing and data management resources they need in support of their research projects. From consulting with PIs on implementing large-scale computing infrastructure to deploying a multi-million dollar DRI system at UBC, we will share the services and key resources we provide to the research community. We will look at the upcoming expansion of the ARC team and see how it will fuel UBC’s ability to keep up to speed with the growing needs for DRI support in academic research.


Edith Domingue

Manager, Research Platforms, Advanced Research Computing, University of British Columbia