The College of New Caledonia relies on Wi-Fi devices and wired VoIP phones to keep its staff and 5,000 students across six campuses connected. Located in the Central Interior of British Columbia, in a rural landscape where utilities like power can be less than reliable. Even when power was restored, however, the existing wired Ethernet switches proved inadequate. IT worked to provide an upgrade to keep the Wi-Fi sessions and dial tone available. In this session, the audience will learn:

  • What specific challenges the college faced that led to the need for a wired Ethernet upgrade
  • Key considerations and their unique testing required to evaluate whether enterprise networking vendors meet their challenges
  • Lessons learned, including looking beyond price and brand names


Alex Chin

Technical Systems Analyst, College of New Caledonia


Benjamin Dlin

Territory Account Manager, Ruckus Networks


Brian Burke

Network Administrator, College of New Caledonia