Keeping the "Single" in Single Sign-on: Applying Usability to Security

Single sign-on is a simple and powerful concept: your users only need to login once, and they can access all the services your institution offers. However, often higher education institutions have a diverse range of service providers, different styles of users and accounts, and the need to collaborate securely with other institutions. In this environment, often the solution is to deploy multiple different login systems to fill the gap—but is this truly single sign-on?

The University of Calgary is moving to employ a single sign-on system to address concerns of federation with the Canadian Access Federation, multi-factor authentication through Microsoft Azure, and support for our legacy systems - while not sacrificing user experience. Learn the benefits of how an array of identity providers can ease adoption for service providers and enhance user experience by taking on the burden of complexity behind the scenes.

This session focuses on our journey and our destination to keep single sign-on robust and attractive for service providers in a complex environment, and how internal identity providers can work together to provide a single user-facing sign-on experience.


Sean Feil

Developer, Identity, University of Calgary